Central European Studies: Bachelor's thesis themes

Bachelor's Thesis Themes for 2023/2024

prof. PhDr. Marta Botíková, CSc.

1. Common and Different Phenomena in Cultural Heritage of Slovakia Compared to Slovenian/Polish/Croatian Cultural Heritage

2. More than Forty Years of Journal Ethnologia Slovaca et Slavica and its Place in Mapping Central European Cultural Heritage. 

3. Family Traditions of Central European Countries in Comparative Perspective


doc. Tatiana Bužeková

1. Folklore in Political Context of Central Europe


prof. Yvetta Kajanová, PhD.

1. Rock, Pop, Jazz and Politics in My Country (selection according to the student's interest)


Mgr. Svetlana Kmecová, PhD.

1. Word of the Year (Beseda leta) as a Reflection of Social Development in Slovenia

2. The Personality of Víťazoslav Hečko in the Context of Slovenian Studies in Slovakia

3. Plant Names as Components of Slovak and Slovenian phrasemes

4. Veronika of Desenice, her Story and its Reflection in Literature

5. The Character of Kresnik in Slovenian Mythology

6. The Character of Kurent in Slovenian Mythology

7. Slovenian Literary Magazines

8. Slovenian Literary Festivals

9. Slovenian Literary Prizes


Mgr. Petra Kollárová, PhD.

1. Current Image of Slovakia in the Mirror of Foreign Media/Domestic Media

2. Idioms with Numeral Components

3. Idioms with Chromatic Components


Mgr. Helena Ľos Ivoríková, PhD.

1. Innovative Ways of Teaching/Learning in Second Language Acquisition (receptive skills) 

2.Innovative Ways of Teaching/Learning in Second Language Acquisition (productive skills) 

3. Frequent Lexical Errors of Slavic* Students Learning Slovak as a Foreign/Second Language on level B2 (*related to native language of a student)


doc. Mgr. Gabriela Múcsková, PhD.

1. Language Dynamics Motivated by External Non-Linguistic Factors (e. g. current political, cultural and social events) with a Comparative Focus.

The title of the thesis will be specified after selecting specific extra-linguistic events that influenced the language and after determining other language with which the dynamic phenomena in Slovak will be compared).


Mgr. Zuzana Obertová, PhD.

1. History of Teaching Polish Language at the Comenius University in Bratislava

2. Translation and Popularisation of Polish Literature in Slovakia: The Portrait of Vlastimil Kovalčík

3. Translation and Popularisation of Polish Literature in Slovakia: The Portrait of Jozef Marušiak

4. Ecocritical Analysis of Selected Poems by Wisława Szymborska

5. Ecocentrism in Olga Tokarczuk's Drive Your Plow over the Bones of the Dead


Mgr. Peter Tollarovič, PhD.

1. Contemporary Slovak Literary Magazines (Súčasné slovenské literárne časopisy)  


Mgr. Saša Vojtechová Poklač, PhD.

1. Selected Cookbooks as a Source of Knowledge of the Lifestyle of the Past

2. The SLO/SLO Association and its Importance in the Development of Slovenian-Slovenian and Slovene-Slovak Relations

3. Selected Literary Characters in Slovenian and Ukrainian Literature

4. The Image of Cultural Heritage in Selected Texts of Literature for Children and Youth

5. Taboo Themes in Selected Texts of Literature for Children and Youth

6. The Role of Milan Rastislav Štefánik and Rudolf Maister in the Creation of New States on the Map of Europe after 1918

7. Popular Song Contests “Bratislavská lýra” and “Slovenska popevka” in the Context of Cultural Development before 1991

8. Vojtech Mierka and his Contribution for Slovenian literature in Slovakia


Mgr. Eva Španová, PhD.

1. Compensation Strategies in Learning Slovak Language


Mgr. Dušan Zupka, PhD. 

1. The Golden Age of Central Europe (History of the region in the 14th century)