Central Europe TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group)

General Information

Conference date: 8th-9th of November

Organizer: Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava

Conference venue: Department of Archaeology, Gondova 2, 814 99 Bratislava, Slovakia

Registration fee: 10 EUR

Keynote speaker: Prof. Stephen Shennan

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Program of the meeting (*.pdf)

We cordially invite you to the 3rd Central European Archaeology Group meeting of the theoretical research group internationally known as TAG. Originally founded in Great Britain in 1979,   this group will be meeting   in   Slovakia for the first time. Central European archaeology is still struggling with its „Materialschlacht“ and „Theoriefeindlichkeit“. We feel that the only way to overcome this is to reveal the positive aspects of theory as it has been systematically developed through research. We are aware of the rapid progress in this field over the last four decades, however the known issues related to the incommensurabilities of scientific theories (paradigms) reminds us, that it is necessary to look for a common ground to move forward. This is especially the case when the older, more traditional approach is still prevalent in Central Europe. Accordingly, we would like to focus on the following topics which have been grouped into three thematic sessions:

Meaning of archaeological cultures: past and future

Although archaeological cultures have been debunked and sometimes abandoned as entities with explanation potential, Central European archaeology has not yet been able to overcome their central position in theoretical research. What do we need to do with the concept of archaeological culture to position it in the contemporary theoretical environment? Bridging several completely different paradigms is crucial here.

Analytical archaeology: neglected, forgotten, revived

Echoes of the revived modernity, and the rapid rise of archaeological science in recent decades suggests a revival in processual approaches that were largely abandoned by postprocessual archaeology. This may be a good starting point for many archaeological traditions in Central Europe which remain entrenched in pre-processualist paradigms. Maybe the hallmark studies such as those written by D. Clarke, L. Binford, E. Neustupný and J. C. Gardin deserve renewed interest. We are especially concerned with papers dealing with logic and reasoning in archaeology as well as causality and (re)construction of conceptual systems.

New theoretical perspectives in CEA

If you wish to contribute to the conference and you are not sure if your paper fits into the previous sessions, we still want to hear from you! All papers with fresh ideas regarding theory and methodology are welcome.

Organizing committee: Dr. Martin Bača, Dr. Peter Demján, Prof. Eduard Krekovič