Teaching of English Language and Literature

Field of Study: teacher training and education science

The study of English language and literature (in combination) is a language teaching study aimed primarily at preparing future teachers but also graduates who may find employment in other occupations requiring language competence, intercultural communication or creative and critical skills. In preparation for such occupations, study in the English Language and Literature study programme focuses mainly on linguistic subjects, literary and cultural courses as well as courses of pedagogical orientation (e.g. didactics of foreign language teaching). The graduate should be a culturally and socially aware person whose knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes will enable him/her to work in schools, companies or various cultural institutions.

Basic Study Prerequisites and Requirements

An applicant is expected to be particularly interested in the teaching and learning process, competent in critical thinking and creativity, have knowledge of the English language at least at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and be motivated to learn about the English language and its culture and social context.

Prospective students can find more information about the department on the website: https://fphil.uniba.sk/katedry-a-odborne-pracoviska/katedra-anglistiky-a-amerikanistiky/



Applicants will be admitted to all teaching programmes on the basis of a general aptitude test as part of the National Comparative Exam, which is provided by www.scio.cz, s. r. o.