Bulgarian Language and Culture

Field of Study: philology, majoring in translation and interpreting

The Bachelor’s degree in Bulgarian is combined with Slovak or another foreign language programme. It has the character of philological study with a broader Slavic focus and an emphasis on mastering normative grammar of Bulgarian, acquiring an adequate vocabulary and acquiring basic knowledge of Bulgarian history, literature and culture. In addition to theoretical linguistic and literary disciplines, the profiling subjects are practically oriented seminars and exercises focusing on issues of translatology (professional translation, artistic translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting) and the culture of linguistic expression. Throughout their study, students of Bulgarian studies consolidate and develop their practical knowledge of the Bulgarian language under the guidance of a foreign lecturer (grammatical exercises, conversational exercises). In the course of Bachelor’s study they can take a one-month language course or a one semester stay in Bulgaria, both of which are carried out through a scholarship of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and/or with the contribution of European mobility support programmes (CEEPUS, Erasmus). After successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree, they can continue their study in the Bulgarian Language and Culture study programme at the Master’s degree level.

Graduates can apply for employment in practically all areas of culture (editorial offices, publishing houses, mass media, social and cultural institutions). They can find employment in representative offices, international business institutions, domestic and foreign agencies, social organisations and travel agencies, or they can work as a freelance registered interpreter or translator.

Knowledge of the Bulgarian language is not required, but familiarity with Bulgarian history, literature and contemporary society is recommended.



Applicants will be admitted to the Bulgarian Language and Culture (in combination) study programme on the basis of a general aptitude test of the National Comparative Exam provided by www.scio.cz, s. r. o.