Russian and East European Studies

Throughout the Bachelor’s degree study, ample time is devoted to the practical acquisition of the Russian language under the guidance of native speakers. In addition to language exercises, students take, over the course of three years, courses on correct pronunciation, grammar and linguistics. The study also includes translatology-oriented courses (translation of professional texts and consecutive interpreting). In addition, students take courses in the history of Russian literature, as well as courses on the history, culture and contemporary social and political conditions of Russia and other Eastern European countries. As part of the programme, students study a second Slavic language of their choice (Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovenian, Polish, Croatian, Macedonian, Ukrainian) for two semesters. The study presupposes a moderately advanced knowledge of English, which students further develop in a course focused on professional English. During the Bachelor’s degree, students can take a semester stay in an Eastern or Western European country (e.g. Russia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus) through the SAIA, Erasmus+ or CEEPUS programmes.

A graduate of the Bachelor’s degree study programme in Russian and East European Studies acquires theoretical and practical knowledge of the Eastern European region, has a command of two Slavic languages and English at such a level that he/she is able to communicate and deal with practical issues in direct contact with the countries of the region. He/she can be employed in government and the third sector, media, international trade, tourism and services. After successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree, the student can continue his/her study in the Master’s degree programme in Russian and East European Studies.

Knowledge of Russian or any other East European language is not presupposed for admission.



Applicants will be admitted to the Russian and East European Studies study programme on the basis of a general aptitude test as part of the National Comparative Exam, which is provided by, s. r. o.