Aesthetics is studied independently as a single-disciplinary study. At the first grade of full-time study, the study lasts three years. The graduate is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Aesthetics (B.A.).

The profile subjects of study include the History of Aesthetics and Aesthetic Theory. The student is in parallel introduced to the basics of literary, visual and musical arts, their theory and aesthetics. These are joined by many other subjects in a wide range of elective courses, such as Axiology, Comparative Art Studies, Theory and History of Dramatic Arts, and so on – in an extensive range of elective lectures. The study will enable the student to acquire a broad overview in the field of aesthetics, art disciplines and history of art. Graduates of Aesthetics will be able to describe and interpret works of art and cultural facts at an appropriate level and engage in, e.g., journalistic activities in this field. As a result, students find after graduation a wide range of employment in the field of aesthetic, artistic and cultural education in secondary schools (after completing the relevant pedagogical course at the faculty, in parallel with their study), or in artistic and cultural institutions (galleries, magazine editors, publishing houses), in the media environment (radio, television, etc.) focused on the field, in the relevant scientific and higher education institutions, but also in many others.


Entrance Examination Requirements

Applicants will be admitted to the Aesthetics study programme on the basis of a general aptitude test as part of the National Comparative Exam, which is provided by, s. r. o.