The study of journalism is designed as a single-disciplinary Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of three and two years, respectively.

Content and characteristics of the study: Graduates of the Journalism (1st degree) study programme within the Journalism field of study master the theoretical foundations of journalistic work in the press, radio, television, online periodicals and in press or marketing agencies. They have knowledge of the development of global and domestic journalistic activities. They have practical knowledge, experience and technical skills in authorship and editorial work in periodicals, radio and television, in new media and Internet journalism and in press and marketing agencies; also in journalistic photography, video production and in speaking in front of a microphone and camera. Thanks to the acquisition of contemporary Slovak language usage and the basics of public relations styles, they are able to express themselves in their mother tongue in a cultured manner; they have knowledge of the nature and tasks of news and journalism; they master the ways of rendering text, image, sound, audio-visual and online communications and acquire knowledge of the theory and practice of editing in various mass media. They master the basics of current media legislation, etiquette and protocol, ethical norms governing the activities of journalists, working with sources, psychology, philosophy and logic for journalists, know the historical context of the media creation at home and abroad, and the issues of domestic and foreign politics and culture.

Basic Study Prerequisites and Requirements: With regards to their future professional activity, certain personal prerequisites of the applicant are necessary: his/her communication skills, logical thinking and the ability of empathy, from secondary school study, a mastery of the Slovak language and social studies and knowledge of a foreign language.

Profile and Employment of Graduates: After successful completion of the 1st degree of study and obtaining the title of Bachelor, the student can continue at the 2nd level of study – a Master’s degree. Those graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in journalism who are not interested in continuing their study with a Master’s degree have, thanks to the acquired knowledge, the prerequisites for employment in all types of media (periodical press, radio, television, online media) in press and marketing agencies and as spokespersons.



1. general aptitude test as part of the National Comparative Exam provided by, s. r. o. 

2. Entrance examination of specific study prerequisites, conducted by the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University

Specific aptitude test:

a) Self-written work – the applicant shall send the following to the postal address no later than 31 March 2024:

Department of Journalism
Faculty of Arts, Comenius University
Gondova 2
811 02 Bratislava

- a bibliographic list of all self-published journalistic works in chronological order (title of the document, where it was published, when it was published);
- the three most valuable examples from this list (of his/her own work) scanned or recorded in common digital formats.

b) a mock examination (at the venue of the entrance examination) –  a 3-minute performance maximum in front of the camera on a drawn topic from different areas of social life with a focus on the mass media.