The Department of Pedagogy is the oldest department of pedagogy and teaching of academic subjects in the Slovak Republic. It currently offers single-disciplinary Bachelor’s, Master’s, external doctoral study and also a rigorous study.

the Bachelor’s degree offers students information in the pedagogical sciences, such as general pedagogy, theory of education, didactics, history of pedagogy, social pedagogy and 20th century pedagogy. It also offers knowledge from related philosophical, sociological and psychological sciences. This study creates the prerequisites for the occupation of a teaching assistant, educator, leisure-time animator, education manager and education specialist in the corporate environment.

The Master’s degree offers students knowledge of specialised disciplines of school and social pedagogy. The study deepens the knowledge of the pedagogical sciences and allows the choice of specialisation in the study of selected issues of school and social pedagogy. In school pedagogy, the study focuses on knowledge of the methodology of the educational sciences, didactic problems of schools, alternative pedagogical directions, school systems abroad, orientation in diagnostics and in the formation of communication and managerial competences. In social pedagogy, the study focuses on the knowledge, theory, history and institutionalisation of social pedagogy, also on knowledge of the methods of working with individual target groups.

The study also allows you to create your educational profile of subjects of related sciences. Graduates can work as researchers, professionals in counselling, in methodological centres, educational methodologists or educational specialists in corporate environments. Furthermore, they can work as social educators in schools, counselling centres, orphanages, in state administration and in third sector institutions. They can also work as family educators, educational counsellors in counselling and prevention centres, social-educational workers and specialists in the fields of education, re-socialisation and prevention in state and non-state institutions.

The study of Pedagogy at both degree levels aims to promote the stable development of a personality (professional) who understands the problems of education, training, care and assistance to children, young people and adults. The assumption is that the graduate possesses such abilities and skills as rational and emotional intelligence, critical thinking, reasoning, objectivity, rational evaluation of situations, sensitivity, assertive communication and empathy. The study programme is suitable for applicants who have a relationship to the issues of education and training, have the personal prerequisites for working with children, youth and adults and have the prerequisites to cope with life and pedagogical situations. 


Entrance Examination Requirements

Applicants will be admitted to the Pedagogy study programme on the basis of a general aptitude test as part of the National Comparative Exam, which is provided by, s. r. o.