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Due to prolonged period of suspension of education on premises, many teachers started teaching via MS Teams or the Moodle platform or are using different ways to continue the semester in as much a normal way as currently possible.

The vice-rector for education together with the vice-rector for library and information services presented a guideline for using Moodle and MS Teams in education on the Comenius University. As most of the guideline is aimed at teachers, we present the guidelines for students here, for your convenience.


  • Always use your university address (the one ending in to communicate - we have no other way of verifying your identity and cannot attribute your work to you, if you send it from a different account.
  • For every subject you currently are attending, ask your teacher on how the education will continue if you haven't already been informed.
  • You need to use your university credentials (login, password) to access your university e-mail, Moodle and Teams alike. These are the same you use to access AIS2.

If you don't know your login or password, or cannot successfully log in to a service, follow the instructions here:
Change password
What is my login name/ access code?

or contact our helpdesk by phone - 02/9010 4444.


There are three main channels of education and information distribution while the on-premises learning is suspended:

  • e-mail communication - your university e-mail (the one ending in to communicate. There is no other way to validate your identity in the study process. This is needed now more than ever, please don't underestimate this guideline!

How to login to your university e-mail? What's your address? and other questions answered

  • MS Teams - Teams is a relatively new, quickly improving Microsoft tools for colaboration and communication within teams of any kind - study groups as well. It is also a part of our O365 package, so it is readily available to every student, teacher and employee of the university, runs in the browser, so no need to install anything (though there are standalone versions available for Win, Mac and Linux alike).

Video on how to use Teams in english Teams video training tutorials in english - shorter, targeted videos

  • Moodle - Moodle is one of the most used platforms for e-learning around the world. THe university moodle already features many courses, though in the COVID-19 situation many are added every day. For subjects that are/will be taught in Moodle, visit, switch to english; your teacher should advise on how to enroll in the particular moodle course.