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Foreign students at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava have the opportunity to obtain the necessary information related to their mobility through an online consultation (via MS Teams) with the officers of the International Relations Office.

Online consultations take place upon reservation, every Friday. If you are interested in an online consultation, please contact Mgr. Mária Gajarská Kučerová at:

Assitance for students from Ukraine

Comenius University in Bratislava is ready to assist students from universities in Ukriane. Comenius Univeristy offers the students a short term student mobility (lasting until the end of June 2022) with a possibility of transfer to a full-time studies.

For more information, and registration for studies, please check the web page


Regulation for foreign students and employees of Comenius University and their family members about the application for residence permit in the Slovak Republic and prolongation of residence permit in the Slovak Republic  during the limitation of hours of attendance of the Foreign Police Office.

Limitations of the hours of attendance  of the Foreign Police Office  are relevant for all applications except the following:

  1. Citizens of third countries can  submit applications for residence permit renewal
  2. Citizens of third countries can submit applications for permanent residence for an unlimited period of time (§ 46 of the Law about the residence of foreigners)
  3. Other applications may be submitted only after the authorization from the director of the RHCP (Border and Foreign Police in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica or Prešov).

In the 3rd case, the applicant has to call the director of the corresponding police directory who has to approve of the application.


RHCP Bratislava – plk. PhDr. Jozef Jaško, num.: +421-9610-46630; cell.: +421908 712 833; email:

RHCP Banská Bystrica – plk. Ing. Jozef Masnica, num.: +421-96160-2580 ; cell.: +421907848696; email:

RHCP Prešov – pplk. Mgr. Marek Šafár, num: +421- 96180 – 6100; cell.: +421917 619 890; email:


Residence registration of EU citizens and their family members is not possible for now. The right of abode is automatic, based on the law and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. These citizens can come to the Foreign Police Office for registration of residence as soon as the preventive measures  are cancelled. They will not be penalized for failing in their duty of registration of residence during the time of the preventive measures, according to the Law about the residence of foreigners, § 66 or § 70.

For foreigners with short-term residence (up to 90 days) who cannot leave the country because of the current situation, the procedure is as follows:

If the person has visa for a period of time shorter than 90 days, they can ask for prolongation (max. 90 days) at a corresponding Foreign Police Office. If the visa for 90 days is already granted and they still cannot leave the country, the person has to come to a Foreign Police Office immediately after expiration. They will receive a Declaration about administrative banishment,  without the ban on entering the country, with a 30-day time limit for leaving the country. During these 30 days they can stay in the Slovak Republic (they will be in the regime of staying in the Slovak Republic according to the Law about the residence of foreigners, § 61a). If the situation doesn’t change until the expiration of the 30-day  period, on the 30th day they should go to the same Foreign Police Office again and fill in the application  for prolongation of the time limit for leaving the country.  This limit will be prolonged according to the contemporary situation in the Slovak Republic, in the EU and in their country of origin (can be prolonged by several months). The same procedure with the Declaration about administrative  banishment will be applied also to visa-free foreigners 90 days after entering the Slovak Republic.

This is not valid for students (or employees of Comenius University) who are holders of the Certificate of a Slovak living abroad and made an application  for a temporary residence  according to the Law about the residence of foreigners, § 29. In this case, they can be in the Slovak Republic  until their application is resolved (or longer if the residence is granted).

You can come to the Foreign Police Office without any former telephonic or email communication but you have to obey the current hygienic measure: face mask or any other form of face protection.