Information Studies


Information Studies is a study, research and professional field that focuses on working with documents and information. The Information Studies study programme focuses on the management, retrieval, analysis, creation and communication of information and information products in private and public institutions. It focuses on:

  • Management of information and information resources;
  • Marketing of information institutions;
  • Creation and distribution of information products;
  • Historical development of media and information carriers;
  • Design of information services based on user needs;
  • Design and development of websites, mobile applications and multimedia;
  • Creation and management of databases and digital libraries;
  • Use of digital media, social networks, database systems and information technology.

The above theoretical knowledge is combined with lectures by specialists from practice and students improve their knowledge in professional practice and practical exercises carried out in cooperation with partner companies and institutions. 

Students can develop their language skills during their Bachelor’s study. They can also complete part of their study and practice abroad within the Erasmus+ student programme and other schemes, as the faculty has a number of partnership agreements in place. Graduates of the programme can deepen their knowledge in the Master’s and Doctoral degree levels of the field directly at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University Bratislava.



Applicants will be admitted to the Information Studies study programme on the basis of the general study prerequisites for higher education acquired during secondary school study completed by a matriculation examination. The study will meet the requirements of those who are interested in information technology, new media, working with text and user-generated information.

To complete the Bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to obtain 180 credits and successfully pass the state final examination consisting of the defence of the Bachelor's thesis, which the student will prepare on a selected topic and creatively present the knowledge acquired during the study. The student receives credits for compulsory and elective courses, which can be chosen from a wide range of courses offered by the department and the whole faculty.



The Bachelor’s programme Information Studies uniquely combines the human (social-psychological) side of information and communication processes with the latest digital technologies, which gives graduates a wide range of opportunities for employment in the emerging knowledge economy, e.g. in cultural, memory and information institutions in both the public and commercial sectors. Our graduates work for example as:

  • Knowledge Managers;
  • Database and Information Resource Managers;
  • Project Managers in Information Institutions;
  • Information Architects;
  • Digital Curators;
  • Documentarians, Bibliographers and Information Specialists;
  • Information Analysts;
  • Creators of Information and Media Products;
  • User Interface Designers;
  • Social Media Analysts;
  • Library and Information Systems Specialists.

Students are prepared for a variety of other information specialist positions in the private and public sectors within the modern information and creative industries and knowledge economy.



Applicants will be admitted to the Information Studies study programme on the basis of a general aptitude test as part of the National Comparative Exam, which is provided by, s. r. o. 

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