Central European Studiesof the Comenius University Faculty of Arts

Courses and Syllabus

In Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava, and thus also In Central European Studies, courses are divided into three main categories: Compulsory Courses, Compulsory Elective Courses and Elective Courses.

Compulsory courses are courses which are compulsory for all students of the study program. Students who want to be awarded by the Bachelor degree of studies need to pass all compulsory courses presribed for the study program. Compulsory courses provide students with basic introductions of the history, culture, linguistics and politics of Central European area.

Current compulsory courses of the program are (sample):

Introduction into the History of Central Europe
Geography of Central Europe
The Visegrad Group in the Context of European Integration
Slovak Ethnology
Introduction into the Theory and Practice of Translating and Interpreting

Compulsory Elective Courses are mainly designed for cultivating students’ language skills, which are further divided into six blocks: Slovak Language, German Language, Hungarian Language, Polish Language, Slovenia Language and other Optional Subjects.

In this section of courses, students could also choose their areas of interests to further strengthen their understanding in anthropologic and cultural perspectives of Central European Studies.

Current compulsory elective courses of the program are (sample):

European Folklore Studies
The Concept of Central Europe in Contemporary Literature
Linguistic Minorities, Minority Languages and Linguistic Landscapes
Migration and Religion: Past and Present in V4 Countries
Cultural History of Slovakia Between East and West
Central/East European Cinema - Changes and Contemporary Trends
History and Theory of Jazz and Pop Music (Central Europe)

Elective Courses are offered to students to broaden their eyesight and keep building the structure of their knowledge. Students do not have to choose only elective courses of the study program Central European Studies but are allowed to take elective courses of other departments of the Faculty of Arts.

Current compulsory elective courses of the program are (sample):

Slavic Studies Excursion
Polish Cinematography
Slovenian Cinematography
Slovak History – Middle Ages (until 1526)
Jagiellonians in the Kingdom of Hungary and in Central Europe: king, family, dynasty.
Media System In Slovak republic

<output>Slovak History – Middle Ages (until 1526)</output>