Prof. Martin Homza, Dr.

Room: Š 428
Telefón: 02/ 59244210
E-mail: martin.homza(at)
Consultation hours: THU: 16:00 - 18:00

Prof. Martin Homza specializes in the early Slovak and Central European history. He deals especially with medieval narrative sources (chronicles, annals, hagiography). He has authored several monographs and edited substantial texts on the history of Spiš (Zips, Szepes) region.  In 2016 he edited together with Prof. Stanislaw A. Sroka the second volume of Historia Scepusii: Dejiny Spiša od roku 1526 do roku 1918. In 2017 he published Mulieres suadentes - persuasive women : female royal saints in medieval East Central and Eastern Europe (Brill). In 2005 the book that he coedited, Terra Scepusiensis: Stav bádania o dejinách Spiša (State of Research on History of Spiš), received prestigious Waclaw Felczak and Henryk Wereszycki Prize of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow for the best book on the history of Central Europe. In 2012 he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. He has received numerous Slovak and international grants; from 2017 he has led the APVV grant on Slovak-language materials from the former Kingdom of Hungary on the Example of Upper Hungary, 1500-1780 (Slovaciká z bývalého Uhorského kráľovstva na príklade horného Uhorska, 1500 - 1780). He supervised master and doctoral theses of several figures of current Slovak medieval studies, including Stanislava Kuzmová, Naďa Rácová (Labancová), Nora Verešová (Malinovská), Veronika Kucharská, Nataša Procházková, Jana Bačová, Pavol Hudáček, Angelika Herucová, Adam Mesiarkin, Vladimír Olejník, and others.