PhDr. Peter Zelenák, CSc.

Room: Š 407
E-mail: peter.zelenak(at)
Consultation hours: MON: 10:30 - 12:30

He specializes in the Slovak history in the 20th century. He deals with the problem of development of Slovak politics, with focus on political elites and personalities in the 20th century; minority question and the development of Slovak-Hungarian relations in 1918-1945, and the period after WWII with focus on social and political consequences of February 1948 on the society in Slovakia. He authored and co-authored a number of publications and more than 30 studies. He participated in a number of research grants, especially in cooperation with the Institute of Political Sciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. In 2017 he was awarded Milan Hodža Prize. He was a member of the scientific board of the Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the board of the Research Institute of Slovaks in Hungary, and former Chair and currently a member of the mixed Slovak-Hungarian commission of historians. In 2016 he was nominated by the government to the Board of Directors of the Nation’s Memory Institute. He is member of the committee of the literary competition “Hodža’s essay”. He supervised a number of master’s and doctoral theses of numerous personalities, including Ľubomír Bajaník, Ján Valter, Martin Vašš, Ján Šimulčík, Michal Zajden, Vlasta Jaksicsová, Lucia Segľová, and others.