PhDr. Peter Podolan, PhD.

Room: Š 407
E-mail: peter.podolan(at)
Consultation hours: MO, WED: 9:30 - 10:30

He focuses on the period of the first half of the long 19th century (political, cultural and social history, everydayness) and history of the historiography in general. In the long term he is interested in topics such as biographical image of Ján Kollár, specifically historiography of the 19th century, nationalism of the 19th century; actually history of the History Department and Faculty of Arts. Since 2010 he manages and edits online almanac Historia nova, since 2016 coedits almanac Historica and since 2016 is editor-in-chief of Tvorba revue. His most important works are publications Básnik a mesto. Viedenské roky Jána Kollára (2013, 2015), Slovenské dejiny III (2014) and Svätopluk v európskom písomníctve (2013) [co-author]. Participant of Grants UK (UK/94/2009; UK/582/2010) and grants VEGA (2/0208/10; 1/0245/10; 1/0370/13; 1/0196/13).