Department of Marketing Communication

Department of Marketing Communication

History of the Department

The predecessor of Marketing Communication was the Marketing study programme, which existed until 1979. In alternation with Radio and Television Journalism, it was taught at the Department of Journalism. An independent university study of marketing (the first of its kind in Czechoslovakia) was first provided in 1990 in part-time form and a year later in full-time form. Since 1995 it has been offered as part of a double major study programme in combination with English, German, Cultural Studies and other disciplines. 


In 1996 Marketing separated from the Department of Journalism and became the Department of Marketing. In 2000 it was renamed to the Department of Marketing Communication. In the 1999/2000 academic year, the department opened a Master’s programme in Marketing Communication for the first time. The establishment of an independent department confirmed the usefulness of this type of study – this is attested to by an extraordinarily high number of applicants interested in studying at the department.  



General Characteristics of the Department

The department teaches courses on the current state of marketing communication in relation to the economic situation in the Slovak Republic and familiarizes students with the legal and ethical norms of marketing communication. Students also acquire knowledge in language culture, management, visual arts, psychology and aesthetics so that they will be able to apply it in the area of marketing communication. In real life graduates are expected to be able to organize marketing-communication events, imaginatively go about the creation of promotion tools and to have a grasp of the language and style necessary for writing advertising texts. They should be able not only to create means of promotion, but also to launch marketing-communication campaigns at a professional level. By the end of their studies, they are anticipated to have acquired a range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for proposing and implementing marketing-communication solutions with a high degree of independence and creativity.