Department of Art History

Department of Art History

The Department of Art History offers courses and does research in art history with a focus on the development of art in Central Europe. Students of the history and theory of art study programme gain general knowledge about the development of visual arts covering the diversity of its genres and types as well as historical chronology, both in a European and global context, including specific expressions of visual art in Slovakia. Knowledge on formal aspects and style changes is supplemented by a study of religious and secular iconography, general cultural history, and social and political life relevant for the character of artistic creation. Theory and methodology courses are an essential part of the curriculum, building a firm methodical foundation for specialized work and research, and reflecting the development of art from the point of view of human thinking, perception and communication.

Research projects at the department are focused mostly on basic research in architecture, painting, sculpture and artistic crafts in Slovakia in individual historical periods, as well as on interpretations of the examined material in a broader central European context.


Current Faculty

Head of the Department: doc. Mgr. Katarín B e ň o v á, PhD.

Deputy of the Department: doc. Mgr. Katarína  K o l b i a r z  C h m e l i n o v á, PhD.

Secretary: Mgr. Jaroslava Cedzová


Assistant proffesors:

doc. Mgr. Katarína B e ň o v á, PhD.

doc. PhDr. Dana B o ř u t o v á, CSc.

doc. Mgr. Katarína  K o l b i a r z  C h m e l i n o v á, PhD.


Teaching assistants:

Mgr. Peter Buday, PhD.

Mgr. Andrea Euringer-Bátorová, PhD.


PhD. students:

Mgr. Jana Garaiová