Ľudmila Buzássyová

doc. Mgr. Ľudmila Eliášová Buzássyová 

Associate professor 

Head of the Department of Classical and Semitic Philology 

SUCP President 

Section: Classical Philology 

Room: G 339 

Phone: +421 2 9013 2161 

E-mail: ludmila.buzassyovauniba.sk 

Office hours: Friday 2:00-3:00PM 


Doc. Ľudmila Eliášová Buzássyová specialises on linguistic disciplines within classical languages using both synchronic and diachronic approach to resolve their problems. Her research activities cover mostly Latin morphology and phonology, Latin grammarians and interdisciplinary questions lying on the border between Latin and Slovak studies. She also translated part of work of Neo-Latin author Galeottus Martius and the grammatical work of the Slovak 19th century grammarian Ján Herkeľ.

Her teaching activities cover Latin morphology and syntax, linguistics for students of classics, Latin historical grammar, Latin grammarians, vernacular grammatography and interdisciplinary questions, history of Latin language, Roman literature, reading authors as Plautus as well as Ovid, Vergil and elegists.