Central European Studiesof the Comenius University Faculty of Arts

Recognition of the Secondary Education Completed Abroad

The recognition of the secondary education completed in another EU members state country or the third country is organized by the district office. The process of recognition is based on the comparison of the content and the range of the completed education of the applicant with the range of the education which is required based on the state educational program in Slovak republic.

The process of the recognition begins by the day of the submission application of the recognition.

The application contains the name and the surname of the applicant, the permanent address of the applicant, the subject of the application, the name and the address of the recognized secondary school which provided the applicant with the diploma/confirmation of the completed studies.

The attachments of the application are:

  •  copy of the identity card/passport
  •  certified copy of the diploma/confirmation of the completed studies (apostil/super-legalization of the document)
  •  transcript of subjects and exams (transcript of records)
  •  verification of the authenticity of the signature and stamp of the school on the proof of completed education by the issuing authority competent to verify
  • the confirmation of the payment of the administration fee (you cannot pay this fee before your application is submitted if you pay from abroad. For this reason you need to ask for the preparation of the payment. Payment application is part of the application for recognition therefore just fill in the application and send it and the Ministry will prepare the document for you).

All attached documents needs to be translated into Slovak language. The office will examine the application no later than 30 days from the day when the application is submitted. If anything is missing in the application the office will inform the applicant that the recognition procedure is interrupted and will ask the applicant to bring/send the missing documents. The office will decide no later than 2 months from the submission for the application whether it accepts the application and thus will recognize the secondary education of the applicant.

The application needs to be sent on the following address:

Regionálny úrad školskej správy v Bratislave
Tomášikova 46
831 04 Bratislava - Nové mesto
Slovak republic

The application needs to be submitted in Slovak language therefore please do not change the language of the application; just fill it in based on the information in the brackets. Please submit/send the application exactly in the form as you can see it, do not delete anything.

Please do not forget to send all required documents along with the application otherwise your application might be denied.

Application form may be found onthe web page of the responsible office (English version) - scroll down to get ot the document. 

Several notes to the application form:

  • Please fill in all necessary information in Latin alphabet.
  • In the list of the documents which you are attaching to the application circle only those you are attaching there; from the point number one the applicant from abroad usually send the translation of the original with apostille (option b) or translation of original document with superlegalization (option c) – this depends on the fact whether the country of your origin signed the Convention on Apostille of documents, please check it on the following web page.
  • Since you are not in Slovakia you do not have the possibility to pay the administrative fee, you need to apply for the document through which it would be possible for you to pay the administrative fee, the text of the application can be found on the following page; please send this application along with the application for the recognition of your education.
  • Please be careful when filling in the address at which you ask the office to send the recognized document, it is the best to fill in this part with the capital letters. In the part where the recognition should be send, you may put the address of the Faculty of Arts - in this case the document will be received directly by the responsible office at the Faculty of Arts.