Vice Dean for Faculty Development and Information Technology

Miloslav Vojtech, Ph.D.
phone: + 421 2 9013 1328
room nr.:
office hours: Wednesday 9.00 – 11.30 am


Professor Miloslav Vojtech graduated from Comenius University, Faculty of Arts in 1996 in the study programme of Slovak Language and Literature and History. After his graduation he joined the Department of Slovak Literature and Literary Science as a doctoral student, later as fellow (1998) and as Assistant Professor (1999). In 2001 he completed his doctoral studies and was awarded the PhD. degree. In 2005 he became Associate Professor in the study field of Theory and History of Slovak Literature; in 2018 he was appointed Professor in the field of Slovak Language and Literature. He focuses on the history of Slovak literature of the late18th and 19th centuries, methodology of literary history; history of the Slovak literary historiography and methodology of Slovak literature. He is an author of monographs, e.g. From Baroque to Romanticism – Literary Movements and Tendencies in Slovak Literature from 1780 to 1840 (2003); Literature, Literary History and Inter-literariness (2004); textbooks, e.g. Creators of Literature and Literary History (2013); Slovak Classicist and Pre-Romantic Literature (2017); and is a co-author of the publications Dictionary of Slovak Writers (1999, 2005); Panorama of Slovak Literature (2004); Portraits of Slovak Writers 2,3 (2000, 2003); History, Theatre, Music, Language, Literature, Folk Culture and Visual Art (2008). He is an author of many scientific articles published at home and abroad and an editor of different miscellanies in the field of literary history. Since 2004 he has edited the Studia Academica Slovaca almanacs. In 2002 he became a member, and in 2017 chairman of the Council of the Slovak Association of Slovak Language Teachers. Since 2003 he has been a deputy director of the Studia Academica Slovaca – the centre for Slovak as a Foreign Language. Between 2011 and 2019 he was a Vice-dean for bachelor and master studies.

Professor Vojtech was appointed to the position of the Vice-dean for the faculty development and information technologies on 01 July, 2019.

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