Textbooks of Slovak language for foreigners

Jana Pekarovičová, Ľudmila Žigová, Michaela Palcútová, Jozef Štefánik: Slovenčina pre cudzincov. Praktická fonetická príručka (2005)

The phonetic guide is aimed at acquiring and practicing standard Slovak pronunciation. The basis of the publication are practical excercises aimed at listening, reading and repeating typical phonetic, ortoepic and prosodical phenomena of standard Slovak. The guide gives a brief commentary on correct articulation of Slovak sounds and provides an overview of how the Slovak sound structure works. A specific part of the textbook are contrastive exercises focused on problematic phenomena while acquiring the sound structure of Slovak language with a consideration of typical mistakes of students from various language areas and a chapter on theory of Slovak pronunciation.

Ľudmila Žigová: Komunikácia v slovenčine (2007)

Textbook and exercise book is aimed at upper-intermediate and advanced foreign students. It focuses primarily at working with texts and exercises; their topics are interconnected with the initial text and used vocabulary. The aim of individual thematical units is to extend basic vocabulary of students by words of general scientific character and at the same time with the help of exercises to shift their communication from the sphere of common use to the spheres of scientific and publicistic style. The texts and exercises are composed in order to suit especially the foreign students who are already relatively familiar with the system of Slovak grammar and standard vocabulary.

Zbierka testov z letnej školy slovenského jazyka a kultúry SAS (začiatočníci - pokročilí) (2013). Eva Španová (zost.)

The publication is made of tests used for placing students of the Summer School of SAS into studying groups (classes). It consists of two parts: the first part is made of 5 tests for beginners and pre-intermediate students. Tests consist of questions of selective nature as well as "fill the blanks" and a simple written exercise. The second part of the publication consists of 5 tests for intermediate and advanced students. Each test contains an introductory text aimed at reading with comprehension and following exercises, another part of the test is a written exercise - an essay. The last part of the publication is the key (answers) to the tests. The collection of tests is available here.

Peter Baláž, Danuša Serafínová: Parlons slovaque ou Les amis de l'internet. Guide pour les étudiants francophones (2007)

A textbook of Slovak for students from francophone area, who would like to acquire the basic knowledge of Slovak. It is composed as an online dialogue between a Slovak student Jozef and his French friend Pierre, who is supposed to come to Slovakia as a French teacher. Each lesson starts with an introduction text, and the topic is extended by other texts. Slovak-French glossary and exercises follow each text. A specific part of the textbook is a Slovak grammar overview with French commentary and exercises for given phenomena with correct results, which simplifies and quickens work with the textbook. A part of the textbook is a Slovak-French and French-Slovak glossary.

Peter Baláž, Danuša Serafínová: Parlons slovaque ou Les amis de l'internet - I. Exercices de grammaire complémentaires (2004)

Exercise book to the textbook of Slovak for French speaking students, containing various types of exercises for individual grammatical phenomena. It is mostly dedicated to declination of nouns and conjugation of verbs. A key to tasks and exercises with results are included.

Ľudmila Žigová: Slovenčina pre cudzincov. Pravopisná a gramatická cvičebnica (2005)

The publication is aimed at the foreigners interested in Slovak, who are familiar with the minimum of Slovak grammar and vocabulary and who want to practice and automatize their knowledge in practical exercises. Thus working with the exercises presupposes standard competence of declination of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals and conjugation of verbs. Grammatical exercises are aimed at creating and correct using of verbal forms in individual cases and their use in sentences as well as in summarized text exercises. The aim of the exercises is to automatize the use of grammatical forms and expressions. In the sentences and texts, the noun forms are practised mainly in non-prepositional phrases. The exercises include also examples for practising irregularities in the structure of Slovak grammar. The manual also includes information on Slovak ortography and ortographical exercises. The correct form can be checked in the key at the end of the textbook.

Mária Vajičková: Slovenčina pre cudzincov. Gramatické cvičenia (2005)

Grammar exercises on Slovak as a foreign language are aimed at those who have already acquired the basics of Slovak grammar and vocabulary. The exercises presuppose basic knowledge of the system of Slovak declination and conjugation, and thus the information on morphological and syntactical system of Slovak language are present only in form of tables at the beginning of each thematical unit and in the language reference section at the end of the publication. The aim of the exercises is to strengthen and automatize basic morphological and syntactical features of Slovak. The exercises have integrating and application character.

Hilda Steinerová: Konverzačná príručka slovenčiny (2004)

The manual includes the most frequent models of common communication and is aimed at intermediate students. The material is divided into following areas: 1. Contact expressions and phrases 2. People in social interaction 3. In the city 4. Transport 5. Relaxation, therapeutics and leisure time. Every section includes examples of typical expressions, phrases and dialogues, sometimes differentiated as formal and informal ways of expressing, followed by free dialogues dealing with the given topics. To express individual situations, synonymical phrases and variant replicas are used.