Scientific publications and manuals

Slovenčina vo svete. Súčasnosť a perspektívy. Ed. J. Pekarovičová - Z. Hargašová (2013)

Publication in the outcome of the international conference Slovak in the world - the current state and perspectives held on 22nd to 25th October 2013, in Bratislava under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The papers included into the first block consider the position of Slovak language in the spirit world of Slovaks, its forms and its existence in various countries, research of Slovak dialects, methodological approach of Slovak as a foreign language in terms of its typological characteristics from the perspective of a foreigner, emphasizing linguistic preparation of students, various aspects of the development of communication skills and professional and methodical preparation of teachers. Separate part of the publication includes the results of long-term projects devoted to the analysis of educational needs of children and teachers of  Slovak language at Slovak schools abroad, as well as research aimed at developing reading literacy of children of Slovaks living abroad. Specific character have the papers about the presentation of Slovak language and culture in the Czech Republic and the language varieties of Slovak language in selected regions of Bohemia and Moravia.

The second block of the publication includes papers devoted to teaching Slovak language for children and young people abroad in Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Ireland.

The third block focuses on the presentation of lecturers of Slovak language and culture at universities abroad in the historical overview, but with particular emphasis on the analysis of the current state of Slovak universities abroad.

The publication can be found here.

Slovenčina (nielen) ako cudzí jazyk v súvislostiach (2011). Ed. Ľudmila Žigová - Miloslav Vojtech

The collection of studies was created as a tribute to the director of Studia Academica Slovaca, doc. PhDr. Jana Pekarovičová, PhD. on the occasion of her life jubilee. Individual contributions map scientific research issues of Slovakistics and reflect them in international context. These issues have been in the center of honoree’s scientific attention for a long time: Slovak as foreign language, applied linguistics, the issues of scientific and intercultural communication, interlingual confrontation, language politics and language culture. With its content, structure and width of reflected issues, the publication represents a suitable material and a teaching aid not only for domestic scientists in the field of Slovakistics, but especially for lecturers of Slovak language and culture abroad, foreign Slovakists, and also students of Slovakistics studying at Slovak and foreign universities.

Jana Pekarovičová: Slovenčina ako cudzí jazyk – predmet aplikovanej lingvistiky (2004)

The publication is a result of scientific studies, own applied research, interlingual comparation, but above all a synthesis of observations and experience from teaching foreigners in Slovakia as well as at universities abroad. The aim of the work is to introduce problematics of Slovak as a foreign language with consideration of intralingual, interlingual and extralingual relations, and at the same time a pursue to define and delimitate specific features of Slovak from the point of view of foreigners. In this manner the author develops her own linguodidactic concept of Slovak as a foreign language.

Vzdelávací program Slovenčina ako cudzí jazyk (2007)

The publication presents the educational programme in the sphere of Slovak as a foreign language. It consists of theoretical and didactic starting-points (target group, initial education, concepts and methods of teaching, profiles of students who have reached individual levels), specification of individual education levels (A1 - Beginner, A2 - Pre-Intermedaite, B1 - Intermediate, B2 - Upper-Intermediate, C1 - Advanced, C2 - Expert). It particularly specifies criteria of certificate achievement and forms of testing language competence with examples of texts.

You can download the educational programme here.

Slovacicum. Súčasné Slovensko (2006). Ed. Jana Pekarovičová, Miloslav Vojtech

The publication is the second volume of the Slovacicum series, which is issued in the Studia Academica Slovaca edition as a study material to the education programme Slovak as a foreign language. The aim of the publication is to present an overview of current events to the ones interested in Slovak realia, with respect to social and political development after 1989 and respective changes in the life of the country and its citizens. An important factor in specifying the contents of individual chapters was the establishment of the Slovak Republic and its state institutions, the role of political parties and movements, as well as formation of the national politics in relation to European integration. Each chapter reflects the new geopolitical situation in wider European context on the background of geographical and historical characteristics of Slovakia.

Slovacicum. Kapitoly z dejín slovenskej kultúry (2004). Ed. Pavol Žigo

The publication presents diversity of Slovak culture. Individual chapters are dedicated to history, folk culture, history of Slovak language and literature, history of theatre, music and fine arts, to history and contemporary state of journalism. It includes a special chapter on Slovaks abroad. The authors are leading academics at various departments of Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University.

Juraj Dolník: Súčasná spisovná slovenčina a jej problémy (2007)

The publication deals with an outline of two possible modalities of current language world of Slovaks, and is supposed to activize thinking in relation to current standard language. It is supposed to inspire attempts to further develop knowledge in this sphere, to repeated research of the basis in standardized theory of standard language, and interpretation of relevant conditions of its development and functioning. The author states a thesis that the higher is intellectual activity (also) of the mediator of Slovak language and culture while processing relevant information, the more successfully they can fulfill their tasks.

Jozef Mlacek: Tvary a tváre frazém v slovenčine (2007)

The publication opens up an untraditional view on phraseological fund of Slovak. It reassumes all up-to-now results of the research in the formal side of phrasemes, and at the same time it completes the picture of the form of Slovak phrasemes, it uncovers relations between them and defines their place in the phraseological fund of Slovak also in the sphere of their use in the text. The publication considerably develops contemporary knowledge of phraseology, and is an excellent training of linguistic thinking overstepping the boundaries of empirical cognition.

Miloslava Sokolová, Květoslava Musilová, Daniela Slančová: Slovenčina a čeština. Synchrónne porovnanie s cvičeniami (2005)

The publication is a result of long-term scientific interest of the authors in problematics of language contacts of Czech and Slovak, complemented with wide pedagogical experience. They focus on synchronical comparation of the two languages in a unique language situation. The work is a synthesis of general linguistic and sociolonguistic evaluation of mutual contacts, which is a basis for presentation of individual language levels (sound, morphological, syntactic, word-formation and stylistical) with the aim to highlight paralels, but above all differences in system and use of individual components and structures. The contents of the publication is divided into 11 internally structured chapters, with prevailing basic typological characteristics of both languages with contrastive approach. The publication suits also Slavists, Slovakists and Bohemists abroad.