Bachelor degree

Bachelor degree

Study form: full-time

Standard study duration: 3 years

Academic degree: bachelor (Bc.)

Graduate's profile

The study programme is focused on research and prognostic assessment of human behavior on individual level or its group dynamics, based on specific psychological methods, techniques and procedures, according to contemporary psychological sciences approaches and current psychological practice.

Bachelor programme represents the first qualification degree in Psychology. The major range of career possibilities for bachelor programme graduates consists of the assistant positions - in close collaboration with master degree psychology graduates - as diverse forms of employment opportunities, with an application potential in broad range of economic and social working activities.

Bachelor degree graduates can benefit from their professional bacground also in organizations from the technical, economic, engineering and commercial field, as in the non-commercial sphere (science and scientific reseach, health service, culture, social work, etc.). They can work either individually or within a team, with regard to the specific work position requirements.

Theoretical background

Essential theoretical and methodological psychological scientific procedures.

Elementary knowledge from applied psychology disciplines (Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology)

Practical skills and abilities

The programme significantly contributes to knowledge and acquisition of essential psychological procedures in all fields of potential practical application of psychological services (basic psychological methods use and implementation strategies).