At the moment, the Department of Logic and the Methodology Sciences does not provide a separate program of study on the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate level.

However, members of the Department teach courses in logic and the methodology of science which are part of several programs of study at the Faculty of Arts, for example:

  • philosophy,
  • sociology,
  • journalism,
  • Central European studies
  • and more.

The Department also offers many elective courses aimed primarily at students in philosophy who take an interest in analytic philosophy, logical semantics, the philosophy and methodology of natural and social sciences, argumentation theory or the history of logic.

Moreover, members of the Department often serve as thesis supervisors (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) in logic and the methodology of sciences.

Elective courses offered include:

  • Arguments in Philosophy,
  • Philosophy of Social Science,
  • Philosophical Logic,
  • Boundaries of Semantics,
  • Meaning and Reference in Proper Names,
  • Determinism,
  • Logical Semantics and the General Theory of Translation,
  • Methodology of Karl Marx's Critical Social Science