Methods of Explanation and Understanding in the Philosophy and Methodology of Social Sciences

VEGA (2011–2013)

Co-Researchers: Doc. PhDr. Igor Hanzel, PhD., Mgr. Lukáš Bielik, PhD., Mgr. Juraj Halas, PhD.

Project Description

The project’s activities are focused on the identification and logico-methodological reconstruction of the methods of construction, justification and application of chosen social science theories with an emphasize on the interconnection of the practice of explanation in social sciences and of the ideal models of scientific explanation and understanding in the methodology of social and natural sciences. The comparative analysis of the methodological starting points of the chosen social science theories should lead to a formulation of common and autonomous aspects of methods applied in the social science and natural science empirical research frameworks. The comparison of the existing methods in the qualitative and quantitative research will be explicated in several frameworks while as the main criterion of applicability of these frameworks will be regarded the most closest approximation of methodologically justified criteria of the models of explanation and understanding to the real practice of explanation.

Output Published in English


  • Hanzel, I. (2013): Data, Phenomena and Mechanisms. Organon F 20, pp. 302-322.
  • Hanzel, I. (2011): Beyond Blumer and Symbolic Interactionism. Philosophy of Social Sciences 41, pp. 303-326.