Instruction – Enrolment of the courses

Enrolment of the courses

The application is available for every user registered with the Study Evidence: VSES017 – "Studies, registration forms, theses, state examinat". By selecting this item, the following window will open:

In the upper part of the “List of Studies” window click on the line of your current study (most of studies in bachelor’s degree comprise just one item) and move over to the list of registration sheets by clicking on the button on the right.

In the list of registration sheets for given course of study (lower window) select your current year – you will find your blank registration sheet. By clicking on the “runner” icon, the menu will roll down. Select "Enrollment of the courses, credits".

Another window opens:

In this window, sign in for subjects according select categories – compulsory, semi-elective elective. It is recommended to use predominantly the first two options in the menu - "Add course from study plan" and "Add course from course list".

At this point the first, mandatory phase of signing in for subjects and of selecting subjects for the registration sheet is complete.


In case you want to sign in for a subject for limited number of students and the number of students interested in signing in exceeds the limit (certain semi-elective and elective courses at some departments – history, English and American studies, aesthetics – or Faculty elective courses), or for a subject which is offered repeatedly, it is advisable to continue in the second phase, Loging in to schedule.

After selecting a specific subject from registration sheet and clicking on the “runner” icon, select "Log into schedule".

The opened window contains data on all parts of the subject given (lecture, seminar) including time and place. If the access to the subject is limited, you will find the maximum number of students to be accepted in the “Max.” column. In the “Regisstered” column you will see how many students have already signed in for the specific subject. Selection of a specific time will be confirmed after making a “tick” in the “Attachement” column and finally confirm your choice (OK icon top left).

Warning – the number of students signed in for a subject will be registered by the number checking system only if students have signed in both in the registration sheet and in the timetable. Those who have signed in in the registration sheet only will not be registered.

One more warning – to students of big specializations of teacher training and translating and interpreting (particularly English studies and German studies): compulsory subjects/seminars carried out in several groups and on different days have timetables made up in such a way that each individual group of students in relevant study programmes/combinations is allocated specific time, e.g. Introduction into the Study: Monday - 1buANSL, Wednesday - 1buNEPE, Friday - 1buFISL.

Even though the system might offer a possibility to sign in for the timetable at the time intended for students of other study programmes, sign in for the one intended for your study group. In AIS2, the final word is always that of a teacher, i.e. the teacher decides – or has already decided according the timetable - which students will attend the subject....

In case you attempt to sign in for the timetable and the system announces that “The sum of selected extents for the instruction S is incorrect” or “The required extent is 1.00, the sum of extents for the instruction is 0” (or something similar) it is not possible to sign in for the specific subject – in such case contact a member of a relevant department who is in charge of timetable issues.