Instruction – Searching in the schedule

Searching in the schedule

How and where?

The application is available for every user registered with the Academic Information System:, after logging in...

Section Schedule: VSRH009 – Schedule for ...

Filter (upper part of the window)

  • Be sure to select the relevant Faculty, academic year and relevant term;
  • Selection of Faculty (1) and of academic year (2) must be confirmed by clicking on the button on the right which step will take you one level below;
  • If you are a student and you have already signed in for some subjects/courses (added to schedule), you can view them by clicking on the “eye” button (3)

Pic. 1

To see the recommended timetable of a specific year of the study programme (study group), move over to the „Study programme“(pic. 2) bookmark – enter the programme abbreviation, select the recommended year (2), select the line within the “study group” offer (the one with an asterisk following the name of the subject) (3) and click on the “eye” (4)

Bachelor’s programmes abbreviations: e.g. boAI, bpANTA, buANSL, etc. Master’s programmes abbreviations: e.g. moAI, mpANTA, muANSL, etc..

Pic. 2

First the graphic image (pic. 3) of the timetable will appear. By clicking on the item „As a list of actions“, the image will turn into table form which can be exported (e.g. to excel) and printed out.

Pic. 3