Projects IMPACT, HOSUED, BELONG and Systematic Support of University Teachers aim to facilitate enhancement of teaching skills at faculty members of Comenius University, moreover improvement of teachers’ and students’ academic and professional writing skills and work to make educational development at Comenius University holistic and sustainable. We strive to make our university an inclusive place that cares for student and staff mental health and well-being. Our aim is that secondary school graduates choose to study at Comenius University and we attain to their high expectations.

We implement the projects in cooperation with partners from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal as well as in partnership with reputed international institutions including the European University Association, International Consortium for Educational Development and Staff and Educational Development Association. As part of each project, we measure the project impact, based on rigorous data collection and analysis. We work to have the outcomes published in renowned academic journals and with recognized academic publishers as well as on these webpages and in different local, national and international media outlets.

All three projects have been co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and by Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.