Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy is one of the oldest departments of Faculty of Arts. It employs only teachers who hold as a minimum PhD. or CSc. degrees. The department has participated in grant-funded projects (GAV, later VEGA and KEGA, among other Slovak and international grant schemes, including EU research and education projects). Active international cooperation in research and teaching has been initiated. Annually, the department organizes academic conferences with international attendance and publishes collections of presentations and essays. The department focuses its research and teaching activities on the history of world philosophy (from ancient times until the present with a specific on the most important personalities and concepts), the history of Slovak philosophy; systematic philosophy, metaphysics (fundamental systems and categories), epistemology (various types of epistemological concepts in history and now), social philosophy (issues of social development, the relationship between the individual and society, democracy), ethics (history of ethical thought, basic categories, applied ethics), semiology, philosophical aspects of art, futurology, feminist philosophy (in particular epistemology, ethics and philosophy of science), gender studies, the history of science, philosophical anthropology, philosophical aspects of mathematics, and/or other natural sciences.