Library of the History Departments

Library characteristics

The seminary library of the Departments of History of the Faculty of Arts of CU belongs to the oldest and the biggest seminary (scientific) libraries at the faculty. It is has been built since the foundation of the workstations of history on the Faculty of Arts in the year 1921.

The library contains about 50.000 volumes of scientific literature about Slovak history and history in general, about auxilary sciences, archaeology and other collateral branches. There are fundamental syntetic works, text-books, monographies, editions of historical resources, almanacs and magazines.

The library content is accessible via mixed cataloque by author´s name and a specific one, which is located in the room No. 425, Šafárikovo námestie, 4th floor.

About 30.000 volumes are accesible in the electronic cataloque (HERE), other volumes are continuously being added.

One part of the library fonds is accessible in the reference library and is also located in the room No. 425.

There are members of professional staff present at all times who help with layouts and access of books on demand.


Opening Hours:

Monday: 10,00 - 16,00

Tuesday: 9,00 - 16,00

Wednesday: 9,00 - 16,00

Thursday: 9,00 - 16,00

Friday: 9,00 - 13,00