The Department of Journalism conducts research in the field of media, journalism and media communication. Within media studies, we analyse the impact of the media on society, journalistic ethics and trends in journalistic practice. We conduct research as part of our regular academic activities, as well as through a number of research projects and collaborations.

The Department's publications include academic papers on a wide range of topics in the fields of media, journalism and communication. We publish the academic journal Questions of Journalism, which has a tradition of more than 60 years, as well as textbooks, course books and academic articles. As a department, we contribute to professional discourse and offer insights into contemporary challenges in the field of journalism and media studies. We present the results of our work at conferences and symposia, including our own annual colloquium entitled Phenomenon.

The department is also involved in international research projects and collaborates with other universities and research institutions. This international collaboration promotes a globalised perspective on the profession of journalism, allowing us to exchange experiences with colleagues in other parts of the world and to gain and transfer knowledge. 

Last but not least, the department also promotes scholarly and professional activities among students. One such opportunity is the Student Scientific and Professional Conference (SSC), which we organise on a regular basis. This provides a platform for students to present their research work, projects and presentations.