Journalism Issues

Actual Issue


full text: Otázky žurnalistiky 66 (3 – 4), 2023

Studies and Scientific Papers

Ľubomír Bajaník
From the „one-third“ television to the public broadcaster of the new state 30 years since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovak Television

Michaela Vetešková
A Tight Press Vest, or The Dilemmas of Female Journalists During Crisis News Broadcasts

Peter Ivanič
Whose perspective? Media discourse on Israel and Palestine

Adam Solga
Mass-media on the periphery or in the center of interest?

Danuša Serafínová
On the front pages of Preßburger Zeitung in year 1823


Mária Stanková
About the discourse briefly and clearly

Eva Niklesová
Changes in the media image of Marian Kočner in Slovak society


Eva Chudinová
Zora Dagmar Kločková – 100


Ján Višňovský
Artificial intelligence was discussed both scientifically and practically in Trnava


Media Chronicle

Marcela Belianská
Media Chronicle (July – December 2023)