PhDr. Anikó Dušíková, PhD.

University: Comenius University, Faculty of Arts, Department of  Hungarian Language and Literature 

Education: ● 1996: candidate of sciences (CSc., later PhD), Comenius University, Brati­sla­va, Slovakia (A novel on his way to readers) ●  1987: philosophiae doctor (PhDr.), Comenius University, Bratislava, Slo­va­kia ● 1987: teacher’s degree in Hungarian and Slovak, Comenius University, Brati­sla­va, Slovakia


Teaching Experience: teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students; guide and supervise Bc. and Masters students’ thesis works


Employment: since 1988: Comenius University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Hungarian Language and Literature, Bratislava, Slovakia ●  between 2004-2011 head of the department


Courses taught:

● Main courses: Hungarian Literature – 19th century ●  Literature Comparatistics


Research interests: correlations between Slovak and Hungarian Literature in the 19th century


Research grants (team member) :

● VEGA –1/0791/08; 1/0233/11; 1/0051/14; 1/0853/14