Doc. Katalin Misad, PhD.

Academic profile

Katalin Misad has worked at the Department of Hungarian Language and Literature at the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, since 1992, where she teaches descriptive linguistics and contrastive linguistics. She wrote her PhD dissertation on contrastive linguistics of Hungarian and Slovak, and did her habilitation in general linguistics. Her main area of specialization and research is the contrastive linguistics of Hungarian and Slovak and language planning, but she also works on issues of language policy and education. She published a collection of papers, Nyelvi kontaktusok (“Linguistic contacts”) in 2009, for which she was awarded the Posonium Prize in 2010. Her writing is regularly published in professional journals in Hungary and Slovakia, and she regularly presents findings of her research at conferences in Slovakia and abroad.

Academic projects

-        VEGA project (1/0051/14) – Ideológie, identity a sebareprezentácia v kontexte lingvistiky a literárnej vedy v multikulturálnom priestore

-        VEGA project (1/0233/11) – Jazykový a literárny manažment v multikultúrnom priestore

-        VEGA project (1/0414/11) – Rodová identita z aspektu literárnej vedy a jazykovedy

-        VEGA project (1/0791/08) – Hungarológia v kontexte slovenskej kultúry 


Member of the following professional associations

-        Hungarian Academy of Sciences – external member

-        Society of Hungarian Linguistics

-        Language Office Gramma