The Student Chamber of the Academic Senate of Comenius University, Faculty of Philosophy (hereinafter: student chamber) is one of the two chambers of the Academic Senate of the faculty, which is the highest self-governing and controlling body of the faculty. The Staff Chamber has 20 members and is comprised of staff members of the faculty. The student chamber has ten members who come from students of the faculty of all levels enrolled in a full-time study. They are selected through direct secret ballot by students of the faculty.

The mandate of a senator is for two years, except if it ends for one of the prescribed reasons. Elections take place every academic year, whereas each year five mandates are usually allocated. The organization of the elections is regulated by the Electoral Code for these elections.

The student chamber selects through secret ballot its chair and vice-chair(s). Their mandate is for one year, or until it ends for another reason.

The responsibilities of the student chamber are based on the Statutes of the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University. They include, among others:

  • contribution to the meetings of the plenary and committees of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Philosophy, which operate as working, advisory and initiatory bodies;
  • responding to students’ initiatives, requests and proposals and helping them, if necessary, in the communication with the staff of the faculty;
  • ensuring the adequate representation of students in decision making procedures which affect the quality of study programs and student life at the faculty;
  • submitting nominations for the honorary title ‘Student honoris causa’ to important personalities of societal, cultural and academic life and to those, who contributed to the development of the academic community and student life at the faculty.

Enrollment Presentation about Student Chamber of Academic Senate, Faculty of Arts

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