Student Chamber

Welcome to the Student chamber of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts

The student section of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts (hereinafter "AS AS") is one of two bodies of the Academic Senate of our faculty which is the supreme self-governing and controlling body of the academic community. Students have 10 seats in the 30-seat Academic Senate of FiF UK. The Employee Chamber has 20 members and consists of representatives of the employee section of the academic community of the faculty.


The members of the student part are elected representatives of students of bachelor and master studies and PhD students of full-time studies at the Faculty of Arts. The ten representatives in the AS are elected by the secret ballot assembly. The term of office of a member of the AS is two years, unless his or her mandate expires earlier for some reason. Elections are held during each academic year, with five mandates being normally occupied each year by the AS. The organization and conduct of elections shall be governed by the electoral rules.

The secretariat of the AS elects its chairman and the 1st and 2nd vice-chairmen by secret ballot. Their term of office shall be one year or until their term of office ends.

The activities of ŠČ AS are governed by the valid regulations of the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University.


Our activities include: 

-representing student rights and freedoms associated with studies at Faculty of Arts

-active efforts to improve student life

-informing students about current topics of academic life at our faculty and at the university

-the work of the individual members of the AS in the commissions established by the AS of the Faculty of Arts as their working, advisory and initiating bodies. At present, the Study, Economic, Legislative, Proposal, Election and Disciplinary Commission (as part of the AS FiF UK) exists

-active participation of representatives of delegated AS FiF CU in selection committees according to the rules on the selection procedure,

-election of a representative of students of FiF UK to the Student Council of Universities,


-proposal to grant honorary title "Student honoris causa" to important personalities of social, cultural and university life and to individuals who contributed to the development of academic life of the faculty.


Feel free to contact us anytime with your proposals or comments via e-mail.