Doctoral Programmes - General information

Conditions of study

The study is conducted according to the study plan of the given study programme – you can find it on our website. In addition, each person studying in the doctoral programme has an individual study plan, which is drawn up by the supervisor in cooperation with the doctoral student at the beginning of the study.

Doctoral studies have their own system of study credits. Credits are awarded for activities in the fields of study, research and teaching.

There are important deadlines in your studies that are not to be missed, some of which take longer to prepare for. That's why we've compiled an overview of the most important milestones and deadlines both within an academic year and throughout your studies.

Doctoral study at institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Several institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) cooperate with our faculty in the implementation of doctoral studies: Institute of ArchaeologyInstitute of PhilosophyInstitute of HistoryĽudovít Štúr Institute of LinguisticsInstitute of SociologyInstitute of Ethnology and Social AnthropologyInstitute of MusicologyInstitute of Oriental StudiesInstitute of Slovak Literature and Institute of World Literature.

Persons who have applied for a topic announced by an institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, carry out the scientific part of their doctoral studies at the respective institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, perform their study duties at the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University and the institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (according to the study plan), and teach at the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University, or at other universities, as appropriate.

Fees and scholarships

The fee for the external form of doctoral studies from the academic year 2023/2024 is 1200 € per academic year. Full-time PhD students receive a scholarship in the amount specified in the respective regulations. The doctoral scholarship is tax-exempt income. This means that it is not included in an individual's annual tax return.


Full-time PhD students are provided with accommodation in a Comenius University dormitory. Accommodation is the responsibility of Martin Čičilla, PhD (G149,


The state pays health insurance on behalf of doctoral students (both for the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University and the Slovak Academy of Sciences) up to the age of 30. Social insurance is paid or not paid by the doctoral student at his/her own discretion (with all consequences stemming from it).

Student cards

Students are required to have an ISIC card or an external student card. ISIC offers popular discounts and, at the same time, without a valid ISIC card or external student card, it is not possible to submit the dissertation thesis into the IT system for the verification of originality.


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