Translation training

In the summer semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, students in the translation and interpreting major will once again have an opportunity to obtain training in their professional field in several ways.

Basic information about the subject:

The Translation Training course is intended for all students in the translation and interpreting major attending a Master’s degree programme. Starting from the 2016-2017 academic year, every translation and interpreting student must complete this subject once, having enrolled in any of the four semesters of their Master’s studies. The amount of work within the scope of this subject is evaluated by 4 ECTS credits.

Practical implementation of the subject:

Students who enrol in the Translation Training course in the summer semester of 2023-2024 will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire regarding their preferences in terms of the form of training:

The survey will be available until Sunday 10/03/2024 at 23:45. Students are asked to fill it out by this date only if they have enrolled for the training course this winter semester.

Completion format:

1.      Training through the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Training (CPTP) at the Department of British and American Studies (3rd sector and academia)

- Students will be included in the CPTP database based on their language profile and previous grades earned in translation subjects.
- Throughout the course of the semester, students will receive translation orders in a total range of 20 to 40 standard pages.
- Each translation will be proofread; the proof-readers will also send feedback to the CPTP coordinator.
- Students will obtain their grades and credits based on the feedback they receive as well as meeting deadlines.
- If the proof-reader determines that the quality of the translation is unsatisfactory and/or the translation in the given form is not adequate to be sent to the supplier and/or the translation is not submitted on time, the student responsible for this translation will be graded by an FX.

2.      Individual practice

- Suitable for those who are already active on the open market or work for language service providers.
- Students must have translated at least 40 standard pages which they will need to back up by handing in their translations and/or a letter of recommendation from their client.
- Students may also have their interpreting experience recognized as a form of training, given that it meets the minimum of at least 2 days and they hand in an evaluation by their client.
- In case the CPTP does not have enough students, it reserves the right to assign translation projects to those students who would like to have their individual practice recognized as a form of training as well.

3.      Translation projects assigned by a different department

If English is not one of the languages in your language combination (or you would like to work with a language other than English), please inform yourself about translation projects offered by your departments.