State examinations

Application process

Students may only apply for state examinations (final thesis defence) electronically, through the academic information system. Only those students who have previously entered the respective state examination subjects into their registration forms will be able to apply.

When applying through the system, students will apply for a framework term of state examinations, the scope of which is determined by the entire faculty and can be found in the academic year schedule. Specific dates will be set by individual departments and announced on their websites.

How to apply for state examinations (final thesis defence)

After logging into the academic information system, open a module named “VSES017 Studies, registration forms, theses, state examinations” (the same module though which you would sign up for individual subjects, for instance) found under the “Study evidence” section. In the list of studies (top of the window), select your current study and confirm this filter by clicking on the down arrow to activate the bottom of the window. There, select the “State exams” tab. After pressing the “Add a course of the date of the assessment” found in this tab, a new window should open, showing all your state examination subjects (in the case of Bachelor’s study programmes, only the Bachelor’s thesis defence will show up). Subjects will only appear if you have previously entered them into your registration form. Select a subject (by clicking on a corresponding line – you may also select more than one line at a time) and press the “OK” button afterwards to make the selected subjects appear in the VSES017 module window. Having completed all the necessary steps, your application for the respective state exam subject/subjects is thereby complete.

Please note: Specific dates of state examinations are set by individual departments; the registrar office does not have this information. For that reason, once an application has been processed by the registrar office, the date of the first day of the state examinations term will be displayed in the “Date of classifying” column. Only consider this to be a sign that you application has been successfully processed, the exact date will be set by your department.

Requirements for participating in a state examination

Participation in a state examination (Bachelor’s thesis defence) must be preceded by a successful fulfilment of study requirements (successful completion of subjects) within one’s study programme in a so-called prescribed pattern, i.e. the student must have completed all subjects deemed as compulsory by the given study programme, met the minimum quorum for compulsory elective subjects (in case the compulsory elective subjects are divided into several blocks, the subjects included in these must be completed according to instructions) and gained enough credits for any remaining subjects, so that the total sum of all credits including the credits earned in a state examination (final thesis defence) gives a minimum amount of 180 credits for 3-year Bachelor’s study programmes, 240 credits for 4-year Bachelor’s study programmes and 120 credits for 2-year Master’s study programmes. Students enrol for state examination subjects by entering them into their registration forms in their last year of studies.