The Centre for Gender Studies (CGS) focuses on the preparation and teaching of courses, lectures and seminars which offer important insights, theoretical concepts and reflections on key issues in gender studies, support gender sensitivity towards existing structural inequalities, lead towards the cultivation of critical thinking and the ability of argumentation from a gendered point of view, reveal the possibilities for gender analysis of a number of socio-political problems and contribute towards an adoption of gender-differentiated perspectives in the deconstruction of gender stereotypes, roles and symbols.

Last but not least, the centre has an interest in the specialized training of students (including doctoral students) in their research interest in gender issues.

Courses in summer term 2014 - 2015:

Code: Name:
B.A. and M.A levels:  
A-boFI-148 Gender Sudies: The Body and the Beauty Myth
A-moFI-519 Feminist Reflexion of Science
A-moFI-511 Problems with Gender Identity