Current Research Projects

COURAGE - Cultural Opposition: Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries. International research project funded by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, 2016 – 2019, Project Director Vladimír Zvara, co-researchers Marcus Zagorski, Magdaléna Stýblová, Yvetta Kajanová, Branko Ladič.

Music in Bratislava. Project APVV 14-0681, 2014 - 2019, The Department of Musicology at Comenius University. Participating institutions Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, The Institute of Musicology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak National Museum - Music Museum. Project Director Jana Bartová, co-researchers Marta Hulková, Ľubomír Chalupka, Peter Jantoščiak, Yvetta Kajanová, Branko Ladič, Patrik Sabo, Eva Szórádová, Sylvia Urdová, Eva Veselovská, Vladimír Zvara and Jana Laslavíková

Multiculturalism in Slovak Music. Project VEGA 1/0086/15, 2015–2018. Project Director: Yvetta Kajanová

Slovak Opera as Artistic and Social Phenomenon. Project VEGA 1/0914/15, 2015–2018. Project Director: Vladimír Zvara

Formally Oriented Theories of Music and Their Analytical Corroboration. Project VEGA 1/0637/15, 2015–2018. Project Director: Marek Žabka

Stile concertato and its Perception in Music in Slovakia in the 17th Century. Project VEGA 1/0850/14, 2014–2017. Project Director: Jana Bartová

Polyphonic Music in the Area of Slovakia and its Dissemination in the 16th and 17th Centuries. Project VEGA 1/0599/12, 2012–2015. Project Director: Marta Hulková

Selected Completed Research Project

Music Culture in Urban Communities in the Area of Slovakia During 14th to 19th Centuries. Project VEGA 1/0645/09, 2009–2011. Project Director: Marta Hulková

Slovak Music in the 20th Century – Its Origin, Personalities, Creation. Project VEGA 1/0664/09, 2009–2011. Project Director: Ľubomír Chalupka

Jazz im „Ostoblock“ – Resistance through the Transfer of Culture. German-Polish-Hungarian-Slovak project at the Freie Universität Berlin, supported by Volkswagen, 2008. Co-researcher: Yvetta Kajanová

Musiktheater in Deutschland 1900–1950. Project supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Germany) and NWO (The Netherlands) agencies, 2000−2008. Project Directors: Thomas Steiert, Paul Op de Coul, co-researcher: Vladimír Zvara

On the Development of Music Culture in Slovakia. Project APVV 20-062305, 2006–2008. Project Director: Ľubomír Chalupka

Music Culture of Municipalities and Regions of Slovakia from the Middle Ages to the End of the 19th Century. Project VEGA 1/3723/06, 2006–2008. Project Director: Marta Hulková

Kulturdialog zwischen Wien und Bratislava gestern und heute. Research project as part of bilateral cooperation Austria – Slovakia, 2004–2005. Project Team Leader: Marta Hulková, team of students of the department