The teaching activities of the department focus on archiving (the theory of archives, history of archiving, protection and conservation of archiving documents, archiving informatics, and archiving practice), auxiliary sciences in history (diplomatics, paleography, chronology, heraldics, sphragistics, genealogy, metrology, numismatics, historical geography, historical demography, and historical statistics) and the history of administration (with a special focus on public administration, private administration, and church administration in Slovakia from the oldest history until today). The professional training of students also involves the teaching of foreign languages (classical and medieval Latin, modern and medieval German, modern and older Hungarian), as well as Slovak and general history. The standard length of study in the bachelor’s archiving programme is four years, in the master’s programme one year.

The department offers a full-time (four years) and part-time (five years) doctoral study in auxiliary sciences in history. The programme consists of taught courses and research. The taught courses include methodology, terminology, methods, latest findings, supplementary subjects and optional pedagogical activity in a selected specialization in auxiliary sciences in history, history of administration or archiving. Research is focused on heuristics, analysis, criticism, comparation, and the interpretation and synthesis of information acquired from historical sources.