Teaching, Research and Publications

Teaching - fields and courses:


  • Epistemology 2; Scepticism, Knowledge and Society

Gender Sudies:

  • Gender Studies: Power and Violence Issues; Gender Sudies: The Body and the Beauty Myth; Selected Problems in Feminist Philosophy; Feminist Reflexion of Science


Current projects:

2015 - 2017: VEGA - Care as social practice: philosophical, normative and empirical dimensions, (scientific co-worker)

Project´s description:
The project will be oriented towards analyzing the theoretical basis and key concepts of ethics of care in terms of care is conceived as social and political practice and what can serve as an important bases of social policy. The main theoretical and philosophical basis of the researched theory of care can be seen as feminist redefinition of the concept of care and this redefined concept is the resource for developing new normative frameworks (social policy of care). Conducting empirical research on current care practices aims at elaboration of the redefined of care with new empirical dimension. Current changes of the borderlines between private and public spheres will be indentified, too.

Past projects:

- information (in slovak language)



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