International projects

International cooperation

International projects

  • CECUP (Central and Eastern European Copyright User Platform) - project within Fourth Framework Programme of European Community activities in the field of Research and Technological Development, "Telematics Applications programme", sector Libraries. 1998-99
  • CELIP (Central and Eastern European Licensing Information Platform) - 5th program, IST-1999-29083
  • Projekt ICIMSS - International Centre for Information Management Systems and Services, Toruń, Poland
  • DELOS-CEE - Project was focused on distribution of results of digital libraries solutions in central- and eastern European countries. Coordinator: Steinerová, participants: SteinerováŠušol. 2003-2004, IST – 1999-12262
  • Participation on the project The European Library - testing, Users Advisory Board, participant Steinerová
  • Participation on the project of international encyclopedy of library and information science ELIS-3, participants Steinerová, Roháč, Podušelová


International visits received at the department in 2008-2009

  • Erasmus program : Arkadiusz Pulikowski, Katowice, Poľsko (Lipták), lectures Information retrieval, 26.4.2008
  • On february 10th 2009 the department was visited by the member of   IFLA and representative of  CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in UK) Maria Cotera - purpose of her visit was research: "Education and further education of librarians in Slovakia".



  • Erasmus program:  J. Steinerová, Prague, IISL, november 2008, lectures Information behaviour



  • As a part of international multilateral cooperation the department became involved in ISIC community (Information Seeking in Contexts), it cooperates with organisations  ASIST (SIG USE), ISKOEUCLID.