I. Classical Philology

The research aims at exploring the Ancient Greek and Roman civilization and its legacy especially through the study of written historical texts. In the area of research, the section specializes in the synchronic and diachronic linguistics of classical languages, textual criticism with a special focus on the trasmission of Greek texts , as well as on neo-Latin and Byzantine studies and Patristic research. 

II. Semitic Philology

The research aims at studying modern literary Arabic and its dialects and explore Arabic folk, modern, religious, historical and geographical literature. That the section can boast of extraordinary research achievements is attested by the fact that Prof. J. Pauliny’s scholarly work has given rise to a new Arabic discipline: Medieval Arabic Folk Religious Literature.

Graecolatina et Orientalia (GLO)

In 1969 the faculty started to publish Graecolatina et Orientalia, a journal with papers in foreign language, which has contributed to the academic growth of the department, its reputation abroad and the growth of the department’s library collection.