Teaching, Research and Publications

Teaching - fields and courses:

Philosophy of Mind:

  • Philosophy of Mind (Mind-Body problem; Consciousness; Theory of Emotionality; Theory of Action?; Special issues in the philosophy of mind

Anglo-American Philosophy:

  • Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy; Pragmatism (Classical Pragmatism; Neo-Pragmatism; J. Dewey: (Experience and Nature, Reconstruction of Liberalism); R. Rorty: Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature


  • Hobbes: Leviatan (reading of texts)


Current projects:

2019 – 2023: Paradigmatické zmeny v nazeraní na vesmír a človeka z filozofickej, teologickej a fyzikálnej perspektívy (Paradigmatic Changes in the Understanding of Universe and Man from Philosophical, Theological, and Physical Perspectives) - project leader

2019 – 2023: Naturalizmus ako univerzálny filozofický program (Naturalism - Universal Philosophical Program) - researcher


Past projects: - information (in slovak language)



Books authored:
Višňovský, E.: Nové štúdie o pragmatizme & neopragmatizme (New Studies in Pragmatism & Neopragmatism). Bratislava: Veda, 2014, 274 pp.
Višňovský, E.: Štúdie o pragmatizme a neopragmatizme (Studies in Pragmatism & Neopragmatism). Bratislava: Veda, 2009, 286 pp.
Višňovský, E.: Človek ako Homo agens (Human Being as Homo Agens). Bratislava: Iris, 2009, 279 pp.

Books co-authored:
Černík, V., Viceník, J., Višňovský, E.: Historické typy racionality (Historical Types of Rationality). Bratislava: IRIS, 1997, 324 pp..

Books co-edited:
Višňovský, E.: Pragmatism and Values. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2004, 230 pp. (with J. Ryder).
Višňovský, E.: Pragmatizmus. Malá antológia filozofie XX. storočia. 1. zv. (Pragmatism. An Anthology). Bratislava: IRIS, 1998, 569 pp. (with F. Mihina).

Višňovský, E.: Making the Pragmatist Art of Living Explicit. In: Koczanowicz, Leszek and Liszka Katarzyna, eds.: Beauty, Responsibility, and Power. Ethical and Political Consequences of Pragmatist Aesthetics. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi 2014, 139 - 154.
Višňovský, E.: „Pragmatist Reflections on Socio-Cultural Transformation." In: Ryder, J. and R. Šíp (Eds.): Identity and Social Transformation. Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2011, 271 - 283.
Višňovský, E.: „The Pragmatist Conception of Altruism and Reciprocity." Human Affairs, vol. 21, no 4, December 2011, 437 - 453.
Višňovský, E.: „John Dewey and Pragmatism in Central Europe (The Case of the Former Czecho-Slovakia)." In: Hickman, L. A., Spadafora, G., eds.: John Dewey’s Educational Philosophy in International Perspective. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2009, 87 - 116.
Višňovský, E.: „Social Control, Self-Control and Norms: A Pragmatist Approach". In: Ryder, J., Kremer, A., eds.: Self and Society. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2009, 161 - 172.
Višňovský, E.: „A Pragmatist Approach to Norms and Normativity.“ In: Pihlström, Sami & Rydenfelt, Henrik (eds.): Pragmatist Perspectives. Acta Philosophica Fennica 86. Helsinki: The Philosophical Society of Finland, 2009, 135 - 148.
Višňovský, E.: „Pragmatism as the Philosophy of (Global) Interdependence." In: Education and Multicultural Understanding. Kyoto: Kyoto University, 2008, 490.
Višňovský, E.: „Orta-avrupa kültürel kimligini yeniden düsünmek: restorasyon mu, gecis mi, yeniden yapilanma mi“. Felsefelogos, yil 8, sayi 30-31, 2006, pp. 187 - 205.
Višňovský, E.: „Pragmatism." In: Birx, H. J., ed: Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2006, Vol. 4, 1924 - 1927.
Višňovský, E.: „Doradztwo filozoficzne jak forma praktyki filozoficznej.“ In: Mizinska, J., Rarot, H., red.: Colloquia Communia. Szkice ze wspolczesnej filozofii slowackiej. Torun: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek, 2001, pp. 157 - 166.
Višňovský, E.: „Has Pragmatist Liberalism a Future?" In: Miller, H., ed. The Liberal Order: The Future for Social Justice? Brighton: University of Brighton, 1999, 232 - 237.
Višňovský, E.:Historical Types of Rationality” (with V. Černík and J. Viceník). In: Paideia: 20th WCP, 1998. Philosophy of Science,  

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