The staff of the departments has participated in international conferences both in Slovakia and abroad. Since 2002 the Department of East Asian Studies has launched the publication of the peer-reviewed academic journal Studia Orientalia Slovaca which is a multidisciplinary journal which focuses on various fields of Asian studies. The journal is published twice a year (since 2010) with contributions in mainly in English, with some articles in Slovak, and Czech languages.

Prof. Jana Benická, Ph.D. is a specialist on Chinese Buddhist philosophy. She has written various research articles on this topic which has been published in journals and conference proceedings abroad. 

Mr. Ľuboš Gajdoš, Ph.D. has been researching syntax of Modern Chinese using methods of corpus linguistics. He is the co-founder of the Chinese corpus Hanku and Litchi.

Mr. František Paulovič, PhD. has focused his research interest on 20th century Japanese literature.

Mr. Miloš Procházka, PhD. has been researching the relations on the Korean Peninsula in the post-Cold War period.


In 2008 the department organized an international sinological conference – the proceedings were published in 2013 in the Harrassowitz Verlag: Talking Literature: Essays on Chinese and Biblical Writings and Their Interaction.