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Research at the department centres on the regularities in the structure, evolution and functioning of the Slovak language and the internal and external history of the language in relation to its socio-cultural environment and in inter-language relations from a synchronic and diachronic point of view. The core of the department’s research is contemporary Slovak language, its development and dialects and the history and theory of language. At present the department’s faculty are involved in research projects in the areas of general linguistics, historical language disciplines and the lexicology, phraseology and syntax of contemporary Slovak language. In recent years a significant amount of research has been done into explanatory methods in linguistics. Some faculty members also represent Slovak studies in international research projects.

The department’s teachers are members of research councils, expert committees and editorial boards of journals in Slovak and Slavic studies. They collaborate with some institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and departments of Slovak and Slavic studies at other universities.

Slovak Studies at the Faculty of Arts also has a leading position in training foreign specialists. The department’s teachers have held lectureships in the Slovak language and literature at universities in Bulgaria, France, Korea, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Russia and the USA. The department has also graduated students from Bulgaria, Georgia, Croatia, Japan, Yugoslavia, Korea, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia and Vietnam and hosted students from China, Finland, Norway, Austria, Spain, Italy and the USA during their extended study stays (1-2 years).