Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University

General information

Postgraduate studies represent the 3rd degree of university study. After students’ fulfilling all the conditions, the study is completed by their being awarded a title of doctor of philosophy (PhD.) The study can be carried out at one of the faculty’s departments or at one of the institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) which is an accreditation holder and has signed a contract with the Faculty of Arts.

Duration of postgraduate studies:

  • Full-time: 4-years (exception: 3-year study in the study programme of pedagogy)
  • Part-time: 5-year study

Accredited study programmes and study fields

Systematic Philosophy (study field systematic philosophy)

History of Philosophy (study field history of philosophy)

Aesthetics (study field aesthetics)

General History (study field general history)

Slovak History (study field Slovak history)

Auxiliary Historical Sciences (study field auxiliary historical sciences)

Religious Studies (study field religious studies)

Musicology (study field Musicology)

Literary Science (study field theory of literature and history of specific national literatures)

Archaeology (study field archaeology)

Slovak Language (study field Slovak language and literature)

Slovak Literature (study field Slovak language and literature)

Slavic Studies (study field Slavic languages and literatures)

East Asian Studies (study field Oriental languages and cultures)

General Linguistics (study field general linguistics)

Translation Studies (study field translating and interpreting)

Sociology (study field sociology)

Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology (study field ethnology)

Political Science (study field Political Science)

Clinical Psychology (study field clinical psychology)

Cultural Studies (study field cultural studies)

Librarianship and Information Science (study field librarianship and information studies)

Theory and History of Journalism (study field theory and history of journalism)

Mass Media Studies (study field mass media studies)