1 – 2 / 2023


celý text: Otázky žurnalistiky 66 (1 – 2), 2023

Studies and Scientific Papers

Adam Solga
The right to expression as a new legal remedy in a legal system of the Slovak republic

Wolfgang Duchkowitsch
Austrian media history in the 20th century: An overview in ten sections

Danuša Serafínová
Questions of journalism in retrospect of the years 2018 – 2022

Mária Miková
Seventy-five years of the magazine Slovenka


Terézia Rončáková
Virtuous life in media space. Incentives for journalists, teachers, parents, consumers

Mária Stanková
Zines as an image of changes in (mass media) communication

Terézia Rončáková
From the kitchen of reportage: it can be done both nutritious and digestible


Milan Banyár
The academic and advertising community mourns – Pavel Horňák, the nestor and legend of Czechoslovak advertising, has left us

Media Chronicle

Marcela Belianská
Media Chronicle January – June 2023

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